D3Vox (Diabetes Data Dashboard for Voice) is a voice-activated hybrid web app [desktop and mobile] that presents someone's pertinent health and diabetes data in the form of a dynamic dashboard with text , numbers, graphs, and charts.

D3Vox has a collection of web forms that allow you to enter health and diabetes text data converted from human speech with SpeechRecognition from the JavaScript Web Speech API in most browsers, Amazon Alexa Echo devices, or an Amazon Lex bot called D3VoxBot.

As a HealthVault-compatible application, D3Vox can import data from HealthVault as an automated solution to data entry.

The D3VoxBot has the option of saving dashboard data as documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs for the purposes of record keeping; internal emailing and faxing capability to send these files to trusted individuals; and the ability to listen to them via SpeechSynthesis text-to-speech.

The D3VoxBot uses the Amazon Elasticsearch Service and TensorFlow [Machine Learning / Predictive Analysis] to accept health queries via Lex client UI [voice or chat text] or Echo device, then produces dashboards containing relevant results; images; trends; diabetic-friendly meal plans; activity regimens; web links; and mobile push notifications for when to eat, exercise, or take medication [pills and/or insulin]. D3Vox contains the following components:

voice-capable web form input fields such as Age, Height and Weight; Diabetes ABC (A1C test, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol); Blood glucose logbook and calendar; Exercise Regimen [walking, weight training, yoga, sports]; Medications

D3VoxBot speech-to-text interface that connects to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for chat forums and discussion posts at community.diabetes.com; email requests with the ability to receive mobile alerts for responses; web form text input to sign up for events and enroll in programs like the FREE Living with Type 2 Diabetes; and phone access to toll-free 1-800-DIABETES

Integration with Diabetes 24/7 and HealthVault enabled devices [pedometers, blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters] and applications to track, analyze, and automatically transmit data to D3Vox

The purpose of D3Vox is to help people better adapt to living with diabetes using voice-activated technology.

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