I got inspired to make this with the help of a youtube video I once saw, combined with my new knowledge about video sensing and I put two and two together.

What it does

Its a training simulation, for reactions, fun and even to lose calories(but not much). This is one of the very few games that can get you up and out of your chair. I really hope you like the game. It is also playable with your head and other body parts.

How we built it

I started with the art, designing a futuristic Cat for the game. I slowly built the story line and input the coding soon after. I Started with a simple splash screen to reveal the details and the background of the story. After that I launched the game, inputed monsters and started to toy around with vide sensing. Once I got the perfect fit, I combined both to create the game I made today!

Challenges we ran into

Mainly coding issues and problems with the quality of the art.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm really happy for the final product and the output from all the work I put into it. The coding was rigorous but fun. But what I'm most proud of is the art. it took almost 1 hour of sketching and two hours at photoshop to design the character, I did use some of scratch the cat's pieces. Although it may not look like much, I really loved creating it.

What we learned

How to conquer different challenges through coding, socialization and to fix uneven art or lopsided art

What's next for Cyberwar: Training Simulator BETA

Ill add more updates, improve the art and add more features. Hopefully making a sequel platformer addition? :))

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