Inspiration --- Inspiration came from the Google challenge to use the Vision API to bring cultures together.

What it does --- Users are able to upload an image of a dish and Cultura will determine where the dish comes from and include a short excerpt about the culture.

How I built it --- Cultura was built with Android studio, the Google Vision API, and the Wikipedia API

Challenges I ran into --- The app was originally supposed to be a react/node web app, but node was giving us issues with Google Vision API since it is still in beta, so we decided to use the more stable Android Studio version

Accomplishments that I'm proud of --- We were able to get to train the Google Vision APi to accurately recognize food from several cultures

What I learned -- To leverage the several API's to get an app running and the ability to meet a deadline despite issues that may come

What's next for Cultura -- We would like to Google maps integration in order for users to get restaurant recommendations in addition to the educational culture excerps.

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