We wanted to create a cool app so that people could simultaneously play music with their friends.

What it does

You and your friends can all queue up songs on a playlist. Ideally, the songs will play at the exact same time on each device so you can combine your devices to create a speaker.

How we built it

We built the app using mainly Swift, Firebase, and the Spotify APIs. We used Firebase for the backend to sync up the playlist among the devices, and Swift to create the app and display the playlist for the users. To play the music, we used the Spotify API which also allowed us to easily search for songs to queue up.

Challenges we ran into

Syncing the music among the devices turned out to be a much more difficult challenge than we expected. There always seems to be a tiny offset when we trying to play the songs simultaneously.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to collaborate on a playlist and have the same song play on the devices still can serve many purposes. If you wanted to share music with someone across the country, you could use our app to send them your favorite songs and listen to them together.

What we learned

Latency is a massive problem.

What's next for Crowdify

We wanted to incorporate location services into our app, so that you could join a crowd in your area. However, we weren't able to successfully incorporate this in the time that we had, so that would be the next step.

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