We were inspired by the struggle that many high school students face when trying to research. We found a multitude of sources, some that often contradict each other, so we wanted to come up with a website that caters to a specific topic while giving a wide range of information.

What it does

Our website is focused on single-party rulers, or dictators. We give information and use some of history’s more famous dictators as examples of this form of government. We include student papers and study materials so the user can have various resources to choose from. The website also has a chat box that gives the user a study break by giving interesting facts about the dictators featured on the website. In each dictator’s page, we created a quiz to test the user’s knowledge on the subject and to help the user determine if they need to study more.

How we built it

We built our website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. We used HTML for the basic website layout and then added details using CSS. JavaScript was used for the functions in the website and Python was used to create the chat box. We acquired student papers from classmates to add to our website. We used the image maker by @poi.ka for the pictures in the About the Creators page.

Challenges we ran into

We came up with our idea of the website before the theme was announced and when the theme was announced as ‘funny’ we debated on whether to try and make our website funny. We decided against it because we don’t want to be insensitive to the many people affected by these dictators. Instead of making our website inherently funny, we included funny facts about the dictators in our chat box to add an element of humor.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We went through a lot of student papers and resources really quickly to create the dictator profiles and kept working at it even though the job was monotonous. Also, we worked for many hours straight and we’re proud of the fact that we kept going even though we were tired. Additionally, creating quizzes for each of the different dictators took a long time as we tried to make the questions relevant without being obvious.

What we learned

We learned the lesson of time management because we needed to figure out how to efficiently get through a large amount of student papers to amass information. We also learned new elements of JavaScript when we created quizzes about each of the dictators. The most important thing

What's next for Crónica

We would like to broaden our topic range so that we include other forms of government as well. We would also like to include more student papers so the user has a variety of them to choose from. Another thing that we would like to do is add more studying materials and create specific study guides.

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