CrochetBae was inspired by the preservation of history. Originally, the plan was to take an image of a crochet pattern written down or typed on to paper, and create a 2d image of any crochet pattern.

What it does

Currently, is only able to create a chain length of any size, in a circle!

How we built it

We built it using Python. There is this library we found called Turtle. It uses a sprite, appropriately called a turtle, and it moves in any direction as well as some shapes.

Challenges we ran into

Math... LOL. So first we managed to create a Circle, and after that, a circle surrounded by more circles. However, Tyler (me) the not mathematician needed a beautiful equation. That is where Flywheel Energy comes in! We needed an equation found at mathstack. Bob (sorry for the Flywheel shoutout but I was stuck on this for HOURS) needed cosines in order to make our dream come true.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

If you look at the code, which there isn't much of, I created the for loop in order to create the circles surrounding a circle. This was my first time using Turtle, as well as my first time coding python using a txt file that I was editing. I also used a lot command prompt as well. It made me feel like a true computer scientist XD.

What we learned

That math is way cooler than I thought. In the code I used a simple 360/chainLength in order to create the degree max range for what I called the inner circle. I was told that it is beautiful.

What's next for CrochetBae

Hopefully being able to take in some sort of input like a text file, that can then grab the info needed to create a pattern!

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