Inspiration - It's said that - "Need is the mother of Innovation" so our project came up with an idea to create something different out of the existing technology. Our team got inspired by the technologies that create an impact on THE DIGITALIZED ERA consisting of smart methods and ideologies for their implementation. Therefore, the idea and the creation start with our team name "CrateCode".

What it does?? - Basically, our project deals with the domain of Blockchain technology and its various sub-parts. On a note, our project's motive is to build an NFT-Marketplace that deals with virtual or digital tokens for its users to have authorized and authenticated ownership of their particular product(photos).

How did I build it?? - We build it using various technical perspectives like SMART CONTRACT(SOLIDITY), REACTJS(FRAMEWORK), BOOTSTRAP(DESIGNING),HARDHAT,DEPLOY() , etc with basic web-development concepts and mechanisms.

CHALLENGES I RAN INTO?? - Deploying smart contracts, connecting with frontend and backend frameworks, Implementing Solidity concepts, Blockchain concepts, NFTs, Cloud, etc.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THAT I AM PROUD OF - We accomplished our goal towards the concepts of NFTs and SMART CONTRACT formation.

WHAT I LEARNED?? - We got to learn the fundamentals of blockchain tech and the representation of value-addable products in the NFTs marketplace to showcase and authorize our ownership. In addition to it, we came up with a sustainable approach to the website.

What's next for CRATECODE-NFT-MARKETPLACE?? - We would be adding video albums and Paintings as NFTs for the users.

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