What inspired us was being able to provide items for passengers and pilots who have forgotten or lost items while travelling.

What it does

The app prompts the user to enter what they need and allows they to pay for the items through the app. Then the items can be sent to the airport, packaged up and then can be picked up when the customer arrives.

How I built it

We used Matlab to be a simplified code to show what the app would do.

Challenges I ran into

We weren't able to build the app due to time restraints and for our limited ablities in coding.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were proud of the sample code we did create and our ablity to work together with eachother over the course of the weekend.

What I learned

I learned that coming up with a solution to the problems given to use took a lot of time in deliberation to figure out how we wanted to solve it. This was a good learning experience for us to be able to create something in such little time and who knows we might be able to market it afterwards.

What's next for Crash Course

Well it definitely could have real word applications and could be built to better the traveler experience.

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