All of us are very passionate about video games and after playing games such as Space Shooter, we wanted to make our own minimilastic game that users would find enjoyable!

What it does

Crash and Burn is a space themed shooter game where you need to blast a wide variety of unrelenting enemies before they destroy your spaceship. With different powerups to help you such as to slow down time, fire your bullets faster, can you survive against the horde?

How we built it

We used HTML and CSS to create the front page of our game and we then used Javascript to create the in-game functions. We all got together on our Discord group chat to collaborate and divide the tasks of making the game. We then worked together on Github together.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a couple of challenges during the hackathon. These included learning how to use Git on Github for the first time in order for us to collaborate our code with each other, along with making sure that the backend of our game worked cleanly. All of us were beginners when it came with hackathons and coding in general, so some of our team members had to learn Javascript for the first time and it also took some time to create the visual effects of our game. In the beginning, it was a bit discouraging but we powered through it to finish our game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all very proud of the product we were able to push out during this hackathon. This is the first big project that we have worked on as a team. We're proud that we were able to stay motivated and push through. Before we started the project, we weren't sure how we were going to do it because we had never worked with many of the technologies, such as Git. However, that didn't stop us from successfully implementing a lot of our project's core functionalities.

What we learned

A lot of us ended up learning more in depth about Javascript and we all learned about many features that we can use with the language, that we other wise would not have known of. This project was more complicated than any project that we have ever had to do for school, so we had to learn how to manage our time effectively and self-teach on a lot of topics! Most importantly, we learned that we all work really well as a team!

What's next for Crash and Burn

We will try to implement a multiplayer feature with Crash and Burn that will allow players to play collaborativly online with other players to team up together to defeat the enemies, for example. We are also considering to edit some gameplay parameters such as the size of the game screen, our map boundaries, and the size of certain in-game items.

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