We decided we wanted an application that could fit as broadly as possible in all categories and we believed, the best path forward was a mobile app that was a life hack for college students. We created CramForBits to help the poor students that study far too late for their upcoming exam.

CramForBits is an Android application that has a drop-down menu for 4 pages. The first page is a semester GPA calculator. The second page is a survey to calculate how many hours you need to study for the upcoming exam. The third page is a daily planner, and the fourth page is a tips, advice, and help column for those facing embarrassment from academic failure.

We built it using Android Studio, with Java and XML technologies.

It was more difficult than expected to use shared preferences, and also implementing weighted calculators. So much so, that we were unable to incorporate all the features that we wanted since it would be too time-consuming.

The app is fully functional and works well. With further enhancements, it could be an app that college students could use daily.

Programming becomes exponentially more difficult the more valuable your idea is. We ran into numerous programming challenges and were unable to solve all of them in the time allotted. We tried to simplify the app as much as we could, but in the end, felt that it fell short of our wild ambitions.

CramForBits could use a lot of improvements, and further refinements. With continual support, it could be launched in the near future as a powerful time-management app for both iOS and Android. We could implement profile settings so that students could save their entire academic life in it, which would make their GPA goals easier to achieve.

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