The average reading speed is 240WPM. What if I told you that you could read at over 400 WPM right now? Would you believe me? Well it actually turns out it's possible with a technology called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. That basically means if you flash a bunch of words at someone at a reasonable speed, they are able to read it and comprehend it at incredibly speeds.

This technology has actually been around since the 70s but we added a new twist to it that's very modern -- face tracking. It's now possible to detect facial features such as raising your eyebrows, smiling, tilting your head, or looking away. All of these can be used as a new and modern control interface.

Our app combines these two technologies into one. You can input a body of text and read it through our speed viewer. When you smile, the speed viewer displays words faster and when you raise your eyebrows, it slows down. You can even look away from the screen and the viewer will pause what you're reading automatically and it will resume again when you look back at the screen. Tilting your head left or right can skip forward or backward in the text respectively. All of these technologies combine form a brand new experience -- reading reimagined.

Our product is a webapp and easily allows you do upload excerpts of text and keep them in our internal database to review at your leisure. This can be used to quickly read an assignment before a class, read a New York Times article in the morning, or become a wikipedia master. We also have a feature where you can input a body of text and automatically summarize it. Not only will you be reading a condensed summary form but you will be reading it at incredible speeds. You could get a full news debriefing a magnitude faster than normal.

We also integrated a speech AI so you can upload audio files and have them parsed to text and displayed to read. You can record a classroom lecture that would normally take an hour, automatically convert it to text, and then read through the results in only five minutes. We are starting a reading revolution and we hope you can join us.

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