When US coronavirus death toll crosses 2,000, I was inspired more than ever to do something to help fight the covid-19 pandemic. The rapid spread of COVID-19 in United States and other countries is because of lack of Proper way of Testing and Contact Tracing because to contain such a pathogen, nations must develop a test and use it to identify infected people, isolate them, and trace those they’ve had contact with and from that I though there must be better way to identify who need testing and how previous contacts of positive patients are traced and quarantine.

What it does

The system allows anyone to perform self-check to determine if a person may require COVID-19 Test or not and to help agencies such as Local governments, Center for diseases and control, federal governments to predict where the COVID-19 may break out next. The system uses a known reference symptom of COVID19 and if the person has 80% of the COVID-19 symptoms, person is classified as a SUSPECT. The system will then alert Agencies about COVID19 suspects that have subscribed to the system and when a person tests POSITIVE, all previous contacts of the Person that tested POSITIVE are traced and quarantine to undergo self-Test and Positive Patients are marked isolated in the system. If a person who is a suspect (Symptomatic) test negative, the person will be put on 14 day watch list and mandated to self-quarantine. The system also tracks list of COVID19 Test centers to make it easy for the SUSPECTS and public to find the nearest test center.

How I built it

The system design has been completed and development is ongoing. The system is web based and powered by azure cloud computing. Technologies being utilized are Angular 8, ASP.NET core MVC, Web api, Azure SQL.

Challenges I ran into

The system is driven by crowd sourcing of Self Diagnostic/ Self Checks to determine if someone has Covid19 and the challenges that I ran into was how to on board Agencies (Subscribers) BUT I have solved the challenge by adding a facility into the system to on board these Agencies and make it easy for them to subscribe to the system and track who may need Testing and Track the next breakout of Covid19. As We collect more data I will be able to incorporate Machine Learning to make it easy for these Agencies to Predict the next Location that Covid-19 may breakout.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a designer and full stack developer I am proud of what I have done so far. The design meet the requirements that I had gathered and I believe will solve the Covid19 Testing and contact Tracing part

What I learned

I learned that for every infectious disease proper Testing is needed to fight the disease and based on the research I did nations are behind and lack proper technology to Test and Track infections diseases


After I roll out the web based, android mobile app is in design stage. This allows users to use app to perform quick self check and to see a listing of Test centers around their areas of jurisdiction.

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