I am a part of my high school's robotics team. During this pandemic it was though to see at a glance which participants are able to meet. So I was thinking that an application that could instantly provide everyone's COVID status (vaccinated, positive, negative) and then I came up with the idea that this application can be extended in other types of activities like parties, sports, cultural events and so on.

What it does

This app instantly provides you with information about all your attendees and in case it wouldn't be safe to meet on the planned date to calculate the next safer date.

How I built it

I built a full stack web application using a Flask back-end and Bootstrap front-end. For the database I used a sqlite3 database managed with Flask SQL Alchemy. User's data is stored in 3 separate tables: Users, User_history and Party which store the user info (username, password, email), COVID status history and meeting info respectively.

Challenges I ran into

While coding this app I ran into a lot of integration challenges between the front-end and the back-end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really proud of the fact that I coded my first web application during my first ever hackathon.

What I learned

Making this I learned quite a lot about working with databases in Python and using SQL Alchemy. I also learned to manage my time well when working within tight deadlines.

What's next for COVID-Safe Gatherings

I plan to improve this app by adding more security measures, email notifications, public user profiles as well as deploying on a server being accessible for people around the world.

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