An abundance of COVID-19 data was thrown at us during this pandemic which overwhelmed many of us. It was hard to retain this data, and in order to find it again we had to go to many websites which had redundant information. With COVID Buddy, we plan to give users an easy and concise way to get COVID-19 related information

What it does

Covid Bot provides users with information about covid statistics, symptoms, helplines, and available vaccines. It lets the users compare vaccines and locate testing/vaccination sites.

How we built it

Using python, pandas, github, trello and the discord api

Challenges we ran into

finding data for vaccine clinics and testing centres

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a functional product that concisely gives COVID-19 data in one place

What we learned

gained experience creating a discord bot and its commands and improving our Git skills

What's next for COVID Buddy

Connect COVID Buddy to real-time data, connect COVID Buddy to other messaging services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

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