The demand for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical professionals, health care workers and our personal use are at large ever since the virus broke out and the manufacturers are scrambling to meet the demands. Provided this situation, many hospitals and healthcare centers have started to use whatever they find to protect themselves while treating the patients. There was a big spur in the maker's community to make it easy for the manufacturers and supplement the demands by manufacturing face visors, masks, etc. Our team started work on the product that will add additional layer of protection in less disruptive way, since we felt that it wasn't enough to protect them well from the utmost exposure to virus in long-term and it's not fair for the very people who are in the front line of the defense to be unprotected. So we decided to adapt our knowledge and experience from building an antiseptic solution for intimate areas for qualifying the formula to be Nasal gel that assists to decrease the chances of being infected by air transformed viruses. With pandemic and all existing PPE equipment (masks, gloves and etc) , we saw how our routine becomes disruptive and decided to develop unique solution to protect nasal airways in more effective way. Clinically proven - Based on the case study it significantly reduces the chances of infections. GMP certified and approved by Israeli Ministry of Health

What it does

To assist COVID-19 fight, we developed unique product with unique formula: Personal nasal gel with antiseptic,antibacterial and inhibition characteristics and natural pH creates additional level of protection and filters out infections that enter through nasal airways.

How I built it

Unique formula was developed by Israeli Start up (TradeGel) and group of well known worldwide scientists with over 40 years of experience in the field of therapeutic-medical, cannabis and cosmetic products development. • Unique formula with protected IP. • Product’s ingredients are backed up by case studies.

Challenges I ran into

To develop unique formula that combines all the protective qualities and can be used in nasal airways.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managed to create unique non-distruptive solution for personal protection against Covid-19

What I learned

Takes time and knowledge to build effective solution.

What's next for Covid-19 PPE (Perosnal Protective equipment) Nasal gel

To build marketing and sales strategy and to launch the product worldwide

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