There is not an inspiring backstory for our project; we did not have to dig deep to come up with an abstract idea - the problem that we should work towards solving was glaringly obvious. In the pressing challenges that everyone in the world is facing right now, the strengths and weaknesses of many institutions and industries are being revealed: and mainstream media is no exception. This situation has highlighted the distinctive power of social networking and broadcasting: truly a double-edged sword - with the ability to inform multitudes but the downfalls of having conflicting information and getting lost in the wealth of resources. Even when browsing through one media platform, there are hundreds of videos on social distancing regulations and mask instructions. It can be confusing for families with the best interests of their health in mind when there are so many sources claiming to be the “best”, and it is especially hard to find masks using materials in the household. From personal experiences in our own households, we thought that it would be helpful to have a straightforward guide that organizes information: instead of scrolling through many links with different mask styles and materials, having a resource where you can utilize what you have at home. We hope that this website will support families in their quarantine and distancing efforts: decrease excess anxiety about not having all the information, and encourage families to be resourceful instead of hoarding or going outside to buy materials. An estimated 25% of people infected do not show symptoms, and although masks will not protect its wearers from the virus, it can prevent the transmission to others, and more importantly, normalize the wearing of protective equipment. We are aware that our website is not the most innovative concept: we simply want people to have an approachable way to make their own masks and get involved in their community.

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