Vaccine roll-outs for COVID-19 have begun but there is a lot of apprehension in the minds of people, some myths around vaccination as well as general curiosity about the best vaccine for yourself and your family. Through the rumors and false information spreading around the media, many are anxious and worried about what is being injected into their bodies, even though it may be for the best. Covax-19 makes it easier to track your own health post-vaccine.

What it does

Users all around the world can input their symptoms and experiences with the Covid-19 vaccine. They can list their pre-existing conditions, age, and what company’s vaccine they received in order for others to read through and review for their own knowledge. Our web-app populates reviews on the interface in a user-friendly theme.

How we built it

Our team used Figma for wireframing, creating a user flow and brainstorming the elements the app should have. We used Figma to create the detailed prototype to make the coding stage straight-forward and efficient. From there, the branding and logo was created in Adobe Illustrator. Communicating over Discord, our team set up our Git repo and began creating our React.JS web app. We used MongoDB for the database, Bootstrap-React for the layout, and CSS for custom styling. We’ve also used to store FAQ questions and deployed the chatbot using Microsoft Azure to allow more of a fun and interactive element.

Challenges we ran into

Though an incredible hackathon weekend learning new languages and frameworks, there are usually challenges when it comes to remote working. Our hack team is from all around the world, different time zones and internet stability. Our passionate teammates have sacrificed sleep or changed their sleeping schedules to accommodate our hacking! We ran into some issues with connectivity and bugs, yet used Discord to hop in and out of different channels to support each other and make sure we are all working up to speed. Teamwork thankfully combatted all the challenges we faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had a rather diverse set of skills among us, so we figured out how to share tasks. Our team members became both mentors and mentees for each other! Our newer hackers learned how to use React.JS and Github, and others adapted to new remote platforms very easily. We are incredibly proud of submitting a finished prototype to HackUCI, one that targets a concept in everyone’s day to day life, and an app that people can use to ensure comfort and oneness with others during this pandemic.

What we learned

All our team members learned something new, whether it be design, code, or practical skills such as organization and remote communication. We brushed up on React.JS, Git command lines, as well as working efficiently with each other despite our timezone and location barriers.

What's next for Covax-19

Covax-19 has an immense future, with a long way to go! We hope to have SMS notifications to keep users updated on their symptoms and keep a continuous communication stream through their journey of receiving vaccines. We’d like to have a data visualization dashboard where locations and vaccines people have taken can be seen in real-time. A feature for filtering reviews based on parameters like age, location, previous conditions needs to be implemented too. In this new pandemic world, many people are anxious about new vaccines, their symptoms, and their overall health. By gathering factual data and analyzing their symptoms, Covax-19 can update users and reassure them that their symptoms are normal.

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