CEVEN.hack Contribution to #CodevsCOVID19 Hackathon

A COVID-19 Testing Facilities Map

Project name Cov10TestMap
Title A COVID-19 Testing Facilities Map
Product demo http://ineff.ch/cov19testmap/
Demo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rj032PXzMc
Demo video https://www.ineff.ch/2020-04-03-The-COVID-19-Testing-Facility-Map/
Dissemination level Public
Version 0.3
Text license This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Software license MIT License
Status Work in progress

Screenshot Map

Short description

There is no map displaying the facilities that offer COVID-19 tests. COVID-19 Testing Facilities Map is an attempt to create a map where those facilities can be mapped. The map serves two purposes:

  1. Information for consumers
  2. Planning tool for establishing new facilities


CEVEN.hack is a hackathon team by CEVEN Decentralized GeoTech.


COVID-19 tests are hard to run. There is a lack of test-sets and a lack of organization. The flow of those that are supposed to get tested is hard to organize, congestion of people waiting to be tested can lead to unnecessary exposure/risk of infection.

A map displaying the testing facilities helps to plan and organize the testing facilities.

Design / Development

The COVID-19 Testing Facilities Map uses Leaflet with OSM tiles. Everything is built on open-source, readily available, and easy to manipulate software/code.

Whats Next?

  • Find capable collaborators
  • Enter more data on testing facilities
  • See "TO-DO"


Thanks and shoutouts to:


Status Task Who
1 Update README.md
1 Fix popup
0 Add layer "unverified"
0 Add layer selection on map
1 Add Credits Ineff
0 Add all Swiss facilities
0 Add other facilities
1 Replace info top right with sidebar (https://github.com/noerw/leaflet-sidebar-v2)


Custom Leaflet L.Control control https://jsfiddle.net/TomazicM/rqu3nvLj/

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