1. Sometimes my friends recommend a service on social network by sharing a referral coupon code or a special referral hyperlink. I might not need that service at that moment. However, I might need that service in the future.
  2. As a recommender, he/she will get rewards from service provider. Take me as an example, I sometimes share a coupon code on my network, the conversion rate ….. Anyway, I get little return.

What it does

A personal coupon wallet automatically collecting coupons shared by your friends, groups or the following KOLs.

How I built it

I build a dashboard to manage the coupons I clipped. Also, I develop a chrome extension to detect the latent coupon content on Facebook timeline so that the user could manually add the coupon into his/her coupon wallet.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Detect the latent promotion content on social media.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. A new way to re-activate my social network.(Thanks to all especially those are sharing good service on their own timeline.)
  2. Coupon's Network could expand the lifecycle of a coupon.
  3. As a background engineer, I managed to develop the chrome extension in a single day.

What I learned

User Side:

  1. Good friends share good things!
  2. Users get more rewards when they complete the referral processes.

Business Side:

  1. The service providers are able to get more new leads with good word-of-mouth.
  2. The service providers may also offer some free trials through this workflow.
  3. The service providers might evaluate their consumers’ value by considering referral records.

What's next for Coupon's Network

  1. Now only fan page can publish offer. We hope to add an offer post type for general users.
  2. Integrate NLP technology to precisely recognize coupons.
  3. If there is an open graph format for coupon, it will be easier to parse the latent coupon content on Facebook timeline.
  4. Develop a marketplace for business for managing their offer.
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