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Since 2016 we’ve been building Cosmicrafts, started as a 2D spaceship game for mobile and after 5 iterations we finally got into the blockchain.

Our team is made by a group of friends that met playing online multiplayer games, we love what we do and are motivated to create games as good as the ones we play. Cosmicrafts inspiration comes originally from Starcraft with fresh and new elements from other games such as League of Legends, Clash Royale and World of Warcraft.

Our main focus is to build a community around the Internet Computer and Cosmicrafts with a fun gameplay and long-term scope by including social features through NFTs and Tokens. Such social features include but not limited to Multiplayer, Esports, Guilds, Tech Support, DeFi and Governance.

What is Cosmicrafts

A new hope for life has emerged as the universe collapses into the Dark Rift, the remnants of ancient civilizations and astonishing forms of life are still fighting for supremacy.

Cosmicrafts is a futuristic real-time strategy game where you command your own fleet by sending NFTs into a battleground to destroy your opponent's base.

Users can log-in with their Internet Computer and other web3 wallets to play for free, no need to have crypto to get started. Earn NFTs and Tokens through missions, events, and different game modes by playing against Artificial Intelligence or other players through our cross-chain multiplayer.

There is a wide variety of Game NFTs, from Spaceships, Turrets, Artifacts and Space Stations to Characters, Passive Skills, Skins and Avatars, all usable in-game. Players can improve their NFTs by stacking them and pay tokens to merge them into a new a more powerful game asset. In this process the NFTs used for the upgrade will be burned from the total supply.

Cosmicrafts XP Token is made for players to level up and earn special rewards, the system automatically sends your final score as tokens to your Internet Computer wallet.

We are developing an expanding campaign for players to have new and fresh content, currently working on the Spirats (Space Pirates) where the leaders of the faction have gathered to invade the Cosmic Cons and release their comrades from prison.

How we built it

With so much love, dedication and perseverance...

The game is fully built on blockchain, and we have developed the technology to have cross-chain players to join our decentralized servers built on the Internet Computer. Meaning a player from Ethereum can play for free with another player from the Internet Computer for example.

Unity is our game engine, natively uses C# and JavaScript but there is wide variety of SDKs to port our code to other languages. Current version of the game is playable through WebGL, meaning you can play from your browser by using your web3 wallet of choice and in the future, we will expand to iOS, Android, and Windows versions.

Challenges we ran into

Porting our game to the Internet Computer was a big challenge, but so far, we have overcome all difficulties, our developers are one of a kind and very passionate about it.

We had to redesign the whole structure of the game in this last iteration, by creating a modular system that is independent from each other. Each module was designed to be ported to the blockchain as smart contracts. Integrations with other projects such as NFT Marketplaces, DeFi protocols and social dApps are now a possibility by adding their backend to the game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have developed real-time servers on blockchain for the first time ever, with our expertise we designed and developed from scratch this technology and we will make it available for other developers in the future.

We have an awesome community on Twitter and Discord and growing exponentially by having Airdrops, posting new content and constantly having interactions.

Our team is also growing, with over 30 people between developers, artists, community management, marketing, and business advisors.

Last March 15th we sold out 300 Artwork NFTs within minutes, at an average price of 150 USD each.

We’re generating momentum and after years of development we are ready to deliver a unique and awesome AAA Game Fi.

What we learned

How to port our game assets in a language that the IC can understand, as we are using scripts and prefabs that are natively to Unity but not readable on blockchain as they were.

As alternatives to web2 services and centralized servers such as AWS and Google Cloud, we developed our servers with features like game rooms, game servers, matchmaking, player records, achievements, match history and asset ownership are safely recorded and stored cryptographically on the Internet Computer.

And finally, learned and still learning how to integrate our modules to IC like Tokens, NFTs, Rewards, Staking and so forth.

What's next for Cosmicrafts

Our primarily focus is to keep growing our community, having a platform for them to interact, and building for the long term.

By using the Internet Computer as our home for decentralized services we are able to deliver the first free to play game that you can play on any other blockchain.

To constantly deliver new content through our ever-expanding Campaign, with the upcoming unique factions and cinematics to inspire our community.

Improving ourselves and our smart contracts to make then evolving and scalable through time. Integrating and collaborating with other projects to strengthen our partnerships and help the ecosystem to grow.

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