As corona cases keeps on increasing whole over the world and discovering vaccine seems like it takes soo much time. As citizen it's our responsibility that we cares for all types of precautions. One of basic need to stay protected from corona virus is wearing mask but there is lots of person who doesn't wear Mask if they wear they doesn't wear Mask properly. Also corona virus mostly spread from the closed persons. So we come up with the solution of decreasing growth of corona cases among in india.

What it does

Cosafe is an Artificial Intellizance Based system which detect person with no mask and then recognize that person using LBPH face recognizer model. we collect data of person from dataset and send notification to admin and violators It gives us freedom to add data of person for face recognition(we add person face data by simply running our python file) Our program first detect person face and check it wear Mask or not if he wear Mask our model continue and repeat it. If he doesn't wear Mask it recognize person and extract all details for that person and send notification to admin and the person who does not wear mask. Admin receive all details of person with message of that this person with this detail doesn't wear mask. Person get message that " he captured in camera without mask and please wear mask help us to stop growrh of covid stay safe" This is all about what our project do

How I built it

It is not a basic or easy skill, as it is developed with innovative technologies such as: python programming language Tensorflow Use to train mask classification model using mobilenetV2 and ANN model fast2sms API used to send notification to admin and violators Open-cv Open-cv used to detect person face and to train face recognition using LBPH face recognizer model numpy store runtime data pandas use pandas to load, read and write csv

Challenges I ran into

  • First we plan to send images through message along with details of no mask person.
  • Unable to send mail using smptlib insted of this we resolve lots of errors during hacking time ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of We give one solution to stop spreading of covid from their close ones in hospitals, airports , offices. ## What I learned Learn how to use open-cv library, request module how to use different API using python ## What's next for coSafe We can add several functionality:- we can add geolocation api to get exact location of no mask person we can fine no mask person

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