CORRIDOOR - A scenario-based installation for preventing and learning barrier gestures in schools.   The reopening of schools rises a lot of concern for the teachers, parents and their children. How to stay protected from the virus then? How to make sure that children disinfect well their hands before entering class? Would children bear wearing a mask for several hours, or to stick to the barrier gestures?   The CORRIDOOR team will work this weekend on a complete school kit, allowing a safe and fun set up adapted to young people. This corridor, or SAS type installation, in which children will go through before entering class rooms, will gather fun and small workshops that will allow young students to learn to wash their hands, put on a mask, use a wipe, and so forth. This SAS will not only have the adequate equipment for an automatic temperature screening of all people entering, but also share prevention images that remind them of barrier gestures. Initially thought for schools, this installation plan would then be applicable in a larger scale to all public places.   Welcome to the Corridoor team, a dynamic, creative and supportive team!


Designers, project managers, scientists, teachers, students, ... are part of the CORRIDOR TEAM. To be more effective, we have divided the team in 3 main task forces : a) The communication group will provide the project with educational supports b) The AI team is working on two main modules : · A module for dirty hands recognition, using the UV technique. · In addition to sign-up instructions about how to wear a face mask, the module will check if it’s well done.
c) Designers are designing a prototype of a corridor / pathway ( design, materials, game, etc)

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