We inspired by inadequacy in contact tracing applications in Turkey whereas more developed countries have already developed technological solutions and already executed. We also impressed how effective those applications are about monitoring the spread of the virus. Our inspirations are humanist and collective goodness-oriented side of all.

What it does

It is used for monitoring social interactions and symptom trends of employees of industrial enterprises in order to stabilize production cycles with the purpose of making firms to avoid irrelevant quarantine and rotation precautions. Being aware of the incredible level of access to information with the next generation of globalization; we mobilized this opportunity that technology offers in minimizing the devastation caused by the greatest catastrophe that has happened to humanity in the 21st century, dipping our toes in the water. But we consider CoroWarner not only as Social interaction but as social isolation provider, epidemic process management, expert opinions on how Covid-19 affect our lives, a voluntary initiative for needers and more!

How I built it

We built it as a dashboard platform as revenue model value proposition tool Also established a mobile app for the user side of the system.

Challenges I ran into

Facing a big competitor like the government that's why we had to pivot the product with the most sensible and quickest way. Group members have changed during the process, so it was tough to readopt the newcomers mentally and technically. Technical coordination is the sexiest challenge for me! Coordinating different revenue channels with respect to altering use-cases

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Winner of 3 different hackathons, one of them was international. Completed server arch. and UI/UX of the application, Dealt 4 POC agreements including 11 firms, Be strongly together as a team who started to know each other with the generation of an idea, We've maintained a highly promising media campaign which is resulted in mainstream broadcasts and drastically growing social media awareness, In order to obtain brand awareness, we've constructed and executed digital contents for the sake of mental peace and physical endurance of our target group via social media.

What I learned

Ability to fast pivot and execution of changes are quite important for endurance Team generation is a turning point of implementation for an effective business model A startup is an organism which consists of different organs, and even most parts of it work fast and efficient, it is not sufficient to run collective in case of overall growth. Hope and motivation is the water of process, need to refill the body on a regular basis.

What's next for CoroWarner

Completion of the commercialization of the product. Aggressive marketing and distribution campaign to gain powerful awareness and reach potential customers. Globally scaling through the near-culture countries like Azerbaijan. To reach 7-digit gross revenue till the first quarter of 2021.

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