CoronCam - a use of technology that actually allows social distancing to occur. Everyone knows we should be social distancing, but how many people are actually doing it? With no way (yet) to figure out if you have been in close proximity with many people, by equipping local security cameras with our technology developed by Raspberry Pi, you can detect human beings and extract their proximity distance. If they are too close, the camera alerts the security camera dashboard.


While everyone knows about social distancing, there are still many people who aren't doing it, because they think nobody can actually catch them. With this technology, we can actively show our community that our Government cares, and give them an incentive to practice social distancing, by introducing them to methods of tracking social distancing and identifying people who aren't following it.

What it does

Our technology is connected to local security cameras, and simply adds a layer of technology to it. It detects people in the camera footage, and is able to identify the proximity of two human figures. If two human figures get too close, an alert is sent to the security room, where people can actively identify these individuals and track them.

How we built it

We used raspberry pi and coded in Python, and this technology is available as SaaS, being able to easily integrate into any security camera, anywhere.

Challenges we ran into

It was quite tough being able to put this together, but after guidance from our mentors and constant research and hard work, we made it!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are the first technology of this kind in the market, and have introduced this novel use case of technology!

What we learned

We've learnt the importance of youth making a difference with technology: we all worked very hard and utilized all of our best skills to put this project together.

What's next for CoronCam

We hope to be able to partner with governments in different cities and countries to introduce this more, making social distancing and its practice much more easier, quickly.

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