During this hackathon, we will work on actually being able to create a crowdsourcing platform. As of now, in the video, the screenshots you can see are mockups that we devised. By the end of the hackathon, we hope to have this functionality in the application and be able to successfully use it. We've now successfully integrated all the aspects into a working method on the application, and are now finalising the aesthetic and user experience!


We were inspired by the many projects around us, and we wanted to make a difference. As people who are also researching information about the virus on a daily basis, we wanted to create a platform that brings you all information you need, and allows anybody, anywhere make a difference.

What it does

Our application gives you real-time twitter feed updates, extracts your location, pins it onto a geomap and gives you information on hospitals, grocery stores and coronavirus cases. We've also created a crowdsourcing platform: users can input information about local grocery stores, as well as resources they have that they may be willing to give away.

How we built it

We built this application using react-native, and used various packages. We also implemented APIs to make this a user friendly application.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to ensure that the application could be used on all platforms, and therefore ventured together to make an application on react native, which is a new learning for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to integrate more than one interesting page that can help users in differing ways. We did not expect to be able to do this in such little time, but we successfully managed to pull it off.

What we learned

Through this application, we learnt the importance of raising awareness, as well as using our existing platforms to make a difference, especially in a time where it is difficult to communicate with one another and ensure everyone is getting information they need. We've spoken to so many people to try to incorporate the feedback they may have for our application, and tried our level best at implementing it. It's been an amazing journey!

What's next for CoronApp

We wanted to make an application that didn't do what every other website or application out there does - we didn't just want to give you all sorts of facts and numbers on the number of coronavirus cases in the world. We wanted to give you this and more: we wanted to give you personalized information about cases around you, how you can get information about your local grocery stores and how you can be better informed in difficult times like these.

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