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What it is is a web application that connects people from all over the world to learn new languages from each other. Our mission is simple: to build a platform that allows anyone with an interest in learning new languages to easily practice and improve with a native speaker, anytime, anywhere.

Our service is free, but we do require our users to give a little bit of their time and practice with someone interested in learning their native language as well. Our goal is to provide an all-in-one service, which enables users to 1) find/be matched with a native practice buddy, 2) access learning materials and topics they want to practice, and 3) practice live their partners via video or audio call.

What we did

This weekend, we were able to accomplish the following milestones:

  • building an account management microservice with Spring Boot and MongoDB
  • securing our app with Spring Security and JWT
  • implementing user signup, login, information lookup, and account termination
  • designing a modern UI/UX prototype in Figma
  • building a UI that includes landing page, signup, login, and onboarding with React and Redux
  • implementing a peer to peer video chat microservice that includes 1:1 and group meetings


From our homepage, the user can enter through signup at the top and as the user signs up to our convo community, they begin onboarding through a series of questions to gauge their interest and their current level of proficiency.

Once they arrive at the dashboard, they can begin their videocall. In this case, Luis is interested in Spanish, so he selects the language up top and request to be match with a native speaker. He hits start to begin his round with Alicia.

During his conversation with Alicia, learners will spend 30 mins in each language to offer practice for both parties. Each user will have access to conversation prompts on their left as well as a chatbox to practice their writing skills.

Next Steps

  • implement matchmaking algorithms
  • improve stability of video call function
  • partner with language education enthusiasts to make lesson plans/topic bank/learning roadmaps
  • expand and acquire users for beta testing
  • launch
  • world domination

Demo or Figma:

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