Many people want to find ways to recycle more, make donations, find charities to support, go to local health clinics or non profits like Planned parenthood, support environmental issues but don't know how or where to look. This often means looking up a place to donate clothes in your city, or a place that accepts recycling certain materials like metals, for example. This app solves this problem by giving the location to all such organizations in one place.

What it does

Includes a map where organizations (incentivized because they want to reach more people) and people can place a pin on the map of established places (i.e. a junkyard or building housing a health clinic) upload or take photos of the place, add comments about it or other places. There are different maps based on interest like Nonprofit map, Donations map, Volunteer map, Health map and a Profile view where pins from all maps can be seen.

Social media is very important to this app. It leverages social media by allowing users to login with facebook and post a comment about a location to their wall. For further discussion fostering social good, there is a section of the app where users can chat about these issues. Was inspired by the app Waze, where users can real-time comment on traffic. Here users can real-time comment on different issues.## Challenges I ran into

How I built it

Android app written in Java. Used Parse for backend and facebook APIs for login and sharing a post to facebook wall. Used Google maps API to pin to maps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All of the special features on the map, such as filter by date, shake device for different version of map (i.e. hybrid), creating a chat sections so that users can communicate. Sharing to facebook, as social media sharing is an important part of the app.

What I learned

Setting up Parse database, creating functions to both take a photo with the app AND upload from existing photo library on phone.

What's next for Contribute

Monitoring what is commented/posted.

github link includes code to a completely different project, the most recent commit is my project for HackPrinceton

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