Inspiration: “Ultimately, aging is very bad for you. It causes an immense amount of suffering and of course it kills 100,000 people a day which is twice as many as everything else that kills anyone all added together. I think it’s rather important to do this. I think that old people are people too so the fact that aging only kills old people is not a reason not to be working on defeating it.”

What it does: Between being born and age 18 almost no diseases occur. All of the sudden, they all start coming on after that point. It’s just the way evolution set us up to be.

Who’s working on it: Companies include Google’s Calico Life Sciences, Unity biotech, SENS Research Foundation, Buck Institute for Biological Aging, Spring Discovery


“Just in case you were banking on science coming up with a way to let you hold onto your youthful looks forever, we have some disappointing news. It's just not going to happen...mathematically speaking, multicellular organisms like us will always have to deal with a cellular competition where only one side will win. And ultimately, that means our vitality will always come out as the loser..we have a pair of researchers from the University of Arizona to blame for this depressing conclusion, who crunched the numbers on a hypothesis involving the weeding out of unfit cells and found it amounted to a catch-22 situation.”

What’s next: Phase 1: Dietary restriction Phase 2: Reprograming our biology away from disease and aging Phase 3: Nanorobots in your bloodstream that augment your immune system that can destroy virtually all diseases

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