Inspiration: 4.6 million children have been diagnosed with neurological disorders in the US. Many of which were diagnosed late in these children's lives. So we wanted to come up with a quicker, more accessible, and more convenient solution to help diagnose these disorders.

What it does: Collects brain wave signals from a Neurosky Brainwave kit, to help analyze and clarify the severity or the existence of any neurological disorders.

How it was built: We had four stages:

  1. Planning and brainstorming ideas for our concept
  2. Built individual components using arduino, many programing languages, 3D printer, helmet and other hardware.
  3. Then we combined our components and tested our finial product.

Challenges we ran into: Collecting raw data from the Neurosky device, 3D Printer was not functioning properly due to temperature malfunction, getting two arduinos to connect to one computer, accuracy of the data collected, writting arduino code, and scope creeping.

Accomplishments that we are proud of: Helping children diagnose disorders at an early stage in their lives. Collecting and transforming the raw data of the Neurosky device into meaningful information.

What we learned: How to use an arduino, Solid works logo inserts and extrusion, comport connection, and how to use Neurosky Brainwave kit.

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