Doctors are lifesavers and that is why they shouldn’t be too far from those who need healthcare. With more and more people having the need to seek medical attention, doctors need to make their services accessible and available to their patients. In this time and age where everything and anything can be found on the internet, we need to take advantage of the digital tools/ channels to enable quick scheduling of appointments. 

What it does

Our Idea is to make a website which has two views:- One for Doctor , another for patient. Either of them needs to register themselves with correct details. They can access their details after login. On doctor side, Its profile is visible along with list of all appointed patients who are connected with this particular doctor. On Patient side, Patient’s profile is visible along with its disease, Patients have right to search nearby doctors for particular disease and location. This will provide a list of doctors to patient who matched with the desired specialization and sorted according to shortest distance of location between patient and doctor. Now patient can take appointment accordingly.

How we built it



TOOLS USED Visual Studio Code Apache Xampp Server Chrome Browser GitHub

Accomplishments that we're proud of

STAKEHOLDERS Who gets benefited from this website?? All Over India patients Doctors with a specialization Administration of Website People who are concerned about their health Medicine Suppliers.

What's next for Consultation App For Patient With Doctor

Patient Can Easily Book an appointment witrh the nearest doctor around him.

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