We realized that women in tech are so willing to help younger students with breaking into the tech industry. However, young female students spend so much sifting through different mentors until they realize the industry their passionate about within tech. For example, Fatima from the Intro to Python workshop went through general engineering, software engineer, gaming, etc. until she found herself to be the place where she is today! She could have easily been connected with a woman in tech prior to this long journey. We're trying to make this matching more effecient and effective for all women in tech!

What it does

For mentees: Time-saving method to get information, networking and more For mentors: Opportunities to give back to the women community It connects undergraduate students interested in the tech industry with like-minded women within leadership roles that are willing to serve as a mentor to them.

How I built it

Julie: Built the typeform that is user-facing (both mentor and mentee). Sonaya: Built the user storyboard that describes the journey that a mentee takes (for the pitch). Christine: Built the entire backend which includes a typeform API, analyzing CSV files and matching certain criteria

Challenges I ran into

Julie ran into the issue that the Typeform was private. This limited our ability to gain information for mentors and mentees, thereby requiring Abisha to seek "fake data" out manually for the time being. Challenges Christine ran into:

  • Originally tried to get responses in JSON form using integrated Webhook API
  • Found out could not move forward with this as API was paid
  • Could download results using CSV files
  • Importing the csv in python, I compared column 7 (for Mentee’s school) and 27 (for Mentor’s school) to see if this was matching

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As this is the first hackathon that ⅘ members of our team have attended we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished! It was a great experience to get a taste of what a hackathon feels like, and to gain exposure to the technology industry. We submitted a (somewhat) wholesome project, didn't go insane and finished our first Hackathon ever!

What I learned

We all learned HTML for the first time, a bit of Python, what API means, what Agile thinking is, and a bunch more tech words! We realized what a hackathon is like and made great memories together!

What's next for Connecting Mentor & Mentee

  1. Create seamless integration with CSV file OR use the Webhook API to get response data in JSON form
  2. Compare more Mentee and Mentor data to better match mentors and mentees based on interest, location, etc.
  3. In the long term, integrate mentor / mentee match response into women in tech website instead of an emailed result
  4. Go global! Integrate database from Western's WiTS with other schools in Canada, North America and the World! To develop a strong, supportive network of women, across the world, in tech!

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