We wrote home in the middle of piece of paper, then asked ourselves what home meant to us. After we had an idea of what it meant to us, we then started to take away ideas that we believed had the most impact on the word home. Once we finished we got down to three word memories, isolation, and relax.

What it does

It's a wireless charging dock with builtin NFC chip that will signal a phone app to send messages to registered contacts, specifically letting them know that the user is home safe.

How we built it

Using 3d modeling, we modeled a frame for the dock itself, and built the UI for an android app to handle registering contacts and changing messages.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Android Studio on-site, developing an app without prior knowledge of Android development, and not knowing the challenges of working collaboratively in a group.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a mock-up of a prototype of the dock, as well as, a pre-alpha version for Connect Without Thinking app.

What we learned

We learned how to work in a team, and share our ideas in a group collaboratively. We also learned how to use and code in Android Studio. We did many sketches in CAD and on paper then. We had many ideas that were made with varying practicality, and we took one that was usable and sliced it with MatterControl to then print it using our 3D printer.

What's next for Connect Without Thinking

Building out the hardware fully, by putting in the wireless charger and the NFC chip into the dock. We would also implement communication functions for NFC and other users of the app. On top of this, we would implement a database for each user to save their contacts and custom messages. Finalizing and beautifying the User Interface would be the final step.

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