We are Connect Elderly. We connect seniors to their family and love ones especially now – we help them stay connected with family during the coronavirus crisis.

Our objective is to empower older adults to live a healthy and active social life that is full of interest and meaning – from the comfort of their home.

Only together can we combat the spread of COVID-19.

What it does

We are working a site featuring solutions and a community of volunteers and online manuals including a new device that is being built in Israel with teams on a a simple inter-family communication service – both through a connected kit that will connect the seniors to a web service, available across devices – computers, smartphones and tablets.

How I built it

We build an easy to use site and an community of world wide and local online volunteers that together with a call center will be able to assist the seniors get connected.

Challenges I ran into

Getting global partners like for sim cards, and online services we can send in our box for the seniors and helpers to self install.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We partner up with several startups in Israel for content for the seniors so they wont feel alone and will be connected to already made tv content for them like yoga classes, talks and more.

What I learned

We have amazing people who want to volunteer, specially young teens technology movement that I didnt know that they have so much power to help in this crisis.

What's next for Connect Elderly

We take this global. Working to scale this to more nations and also getting mobile providers to donate sim cards for the device and basically make more units. We are also connecting young students who are volunteering to help their elderely neighbours get connected. As we know, the seniors are the most affected by covid-19 and are a vulnerable group. Our prototypes and site will be done in 48 hours.

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posted an update

Together in partnership with Uniper, the elderly will be able to easily attend live and interactive classes and lectures without leaving your living room! We invite them to meet new people, participate in discussions, and study from the best experts and mentors.

This is exactly what we needed and we are now updating the main site and materials.

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posted an update

Amazing news, we get support from local mobile providers who see the amazing potential and also more makers who wants to help making more units when we go to mass scale. We are signing up volunteers for taking this global.

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