We wanted to bring innovation to places that really need it. Latin America retail space has now one of the first smart stores in the construction and home space

What it does

Concierge App is connected to beacons technology inside the store. It recognizes users as they walk in the store and it offers a personalized experience and special offers in the various store departments

How I built it

We used Android Studio, beacon Estimote SDK and user experience design elite expertise

Challenges I ran into

Other priorities at the store to the maintain daily business that removed some of the focus for timely fast paced delivery

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Brought the first in class intelligent store to an important community in Latin America

What I learned

LATAM is an open field ready to be explored and it needs tech pioneers to make the world a better place

What's next for Concierge

Currently in development for larger scope

Built With

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