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Computer by itself created 40000 inventions

  Hello. I believe that with the help my work (which is outlined here of mine, two companies (independently of each other) created programs, with the help each of these programs, the computer by itself can invent many inventions. As a result of this, the computer by itself created 40000 inventions. The addresses of the sites of these companies such, But the creators of these programs apparently has not published information that they have used (I suppose) my abovementioned work for create these programs. Thanks to this our company striving for creation for the third time with the help of this my work of the program using which a computer could independently invent many inventions. I offer you cooperation in this.
 The computer with the help of the program "True Machina" created 40000 (forty thousand) inventions, this is Tsurikov said at the end of the film which is located at and at the end of this film Tsurikov said that he (and his company) was for to create the program "True Machina" used published invention methods which he and his company did not create. It was only at the end of 2018 that the computer began to create inventions by itself through the program created by Tsurikov and his assistants.  I published this my work in 1981 year.
 The business plan: I am the Director of company «Tonna zolota». I will hire three programmers. And in one year they will easily create a program with the help of this work, by means of which a computer will be able to invent many inventions by itself. For the salary of programmers and other expenses $ 50000 will be necessary. 49% of profit on sale of inventions (and the other) will be yours, and 51% our company. To implement this plan it is necessary that you give our company $ 50000 or hire three programmers yourself.
        Yours faithfully, Shmonov Aleksandr
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