My inspiration: During my studies, before Covid-19 pandemic, I used to go to the gym and keep a regular checkups on my health, as a result my usage of technology was restricted. After the pandemic, I noticed my extensive usage of technology, and how it became paramount to my daily life, in addition to the limited social contact including hospitals, gyms and other institutions. What inspired me the most was my mother since she has been teaching in the traditional method for almost 31 years. Nowadays, she has to learn how to use technology which was a huge challenge that she must overcome, but the outcomes were; developing health problems and facing obstacles in the dynamical changes of technology.

What it does? It compares how the level of knowledge of students or the people of different group ages and their ability of receiving the information are affected before and after the pandemic. Also, how their health was affected by these sudden changes that are resulted by the intensive usage of technology. Comparing data of the students' health and academic records before the year 2019-2020 and after to identify the advantages and discovering a method to minimize disadvantages.

What's next for Compare the use of technology in the Covid-19 pandemic? Applying new methods to promote the overall health within the evolving of technology era, physically and mentally, is the main goal. Furthermore, improving the understanding of the continuously developing technology among elderly and children and raising the awareness among young people will definitely make it easier to use and benefits the health more than its drawbacks. Therefore, we must positively invest technology in the community's health, which involves all different age groups with special methodologies for each group.

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