As a student that commutes for up to 2 to 3 hours every day going to and from school, I find it very difficult at times to stay awake on the bus after long hours at school or work. Worse yet, I realized that I could not simply relax and enjoy the bus ride: I might fall asleep and miss my stop! All I needed was a simple alarm clock that knew how close I was to my destination to wake me up before I missed my stop by a couple miles...

How it works

The app is quite simple, and uses barely any resources from your phone: I designed it for sleepy users. Tap your destination, Set the Alarm and that's it! The phone's GPS system will alert you as you get close to your destination, far before you might miss it!

Challenges I ran into

Some people might not know, but recently Microsoft had some serious API revamping, between WP7, WP8, WP8 Nokia, and now WP8.1. Testing the different APIs on various devices was by far the most tedious and challenging part, as each API required different algorithm implementations and data usage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was really proud of solving the above problem, as I was able to produce a very minimalist app compatible with the vast majority of Windows Phone users, regardless of the recent changes. I was also happy when I was able to take geolocation data and make it compatible internationally, and compensate for the different usages and formats in different countries.

What I learned

I learned that the most important key to success in any mobile app is both universal utility, and simplicity in implementation. As an app, the expectation is that the GUI is constantly responsive, and that everyone can use it on-demand.

What's next for Commuter Buddy - Transit Alarm Clock for Windows Phone

With the coming upgrades for WP, I want to continue to update the app using the latest technology, further optimizing performance. In WP8.0, background task polling is not nearly as efficient or made available compared to WP8.1, and I'd like to tap into those updated technologies.

Built With

  • alarm
  • background
  • c#
  • datatables
  • geolocation-api
  • vibrate
  • windows81
  • windowsphone8
  • windowsphone8-sdk
  • xaml
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