In our community we lacked a lot of connection to each other, so we decided to develop Commute. Commute was based of the many requests that we got from high school students, teachers, and various mentors. We believed that in order to reach the community in a strong way, we not only needed to connect with them virtually, but also physically through transportation. Along with this issue, also arose education which is a high priority in our generation today which was also another key factor that led us to this endeavor.

What it does

Commute is an application that allows to connect with the community in such a way that finding real-estate was much easier along with connecting to education that is heavily important for advancements in society. This allows us to quickly grab details about a certain place, get directions, details about a community, schools near by, and the opportunities to expand the community as a whole in a better shape.

How we built it

We used various libraries such as numerous Google API's, Firebase, Node,js, Uber, Zwillo, and many more frameworks were used to provide much more functionality. We also included as a double platform through iOS and web.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into various challenges when having to write algorithms based on the users location and what preferences would fit them based of their society. Getting a valid list of school near a community was definitely a challenge for us overall, and having to work with various backend issues was also another plus.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments we are proud of are writing complex/machine-learning algorithms to better enhance the user experience by providing with relevant details toward the user. Functions such as implementing Uber/Zwillo was also another major key learning experience that we are proud of because we found the opportunity to learn various backend languages and frameworks.

What we learned

We learned new types of programming including OOP programming, backend programming logic, writing server side code, and much more through the various issues we faced. We enjoyed the entire program as it provided us manny opportunities to grow as programmers

What's next for Commute

We would love to see an android app in the future.

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