Many of our friends and classmates come from regions with no shipping infrastructure/addressing mechanisms in place, nor supermarkets which aggregate all their basic food needs in one place. They have smartphones but no way to get what they need 100% of the time or in time. Instead, families tend to specialize in growing one plant/crop or preparing one kind of meat/dish and they sell these from their home. The range of influence for these families who sell a single good (potatoes, fish, tomatoes, etc) is limited to close neighbors rather than province, county, or even village.

What it does

Community Foodbase is an app that allows those who are not able or do not wish to stop by many locations to buy and pick up each item of food to instead create a list of their needed foods and a courier who owns a vehicle or a motorbike will be able to accept the list and then go fulfill the list at the places they know best / usually go for each item. They will then deliver the goods to the original request-er. The family-run business will also benefit from increased reach/consumer base.

How we built it

A relational mySQL database on top of Node and Express in the back, connected to a React Native app through express.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we struggled with an idea. However we discussed with 3 of our friends here at Clark University who come from Nepal and they gave us this idea as something that could improves lives all around. We hit some tough bugs which could take up to an hour to resolve.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

With the backend, we learned how to authenticate users with passport.js and experienced implementing REST APIs. We also become more comfortable with routing in Express. By 8 AM, we had an almost complete backend.

What we learned

React, how to squash bugs, and some global perspective

What's next for Community Foodbase

IPO ;) ...jk, unless...? In all seriousness though we love this idea and the potential it has to impact people's lives, and we love to sit down and jam out coding sessions so we will be continuing our implementation for the foreseeable future.

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