Based on the recent success of the #teamtrees movement, we saw an opportunity to further expand on the idea. We really enjoyed the concept where someone would challenge someone else to plant trees to help the environment. With this in mind, we wanted to create something that would not only provide aid to climate change, but also create something that would bring a sense of excitement to the table. We also wanted a way for normal people to take the lead in he tree planting movement and offer the user a way not only to play a role in where the trees should be planted, but also a way for them to help in physically planting the trees themselves.Ultimately, we decided to create Communitree, an app that is designed to make games go green.


What it does

Communitree was built with two distinct intentions, to create competition and educate. We achieved the former by creating a challenge system. The app was built on the idea that a user should be able to pin a location on a map in which they believe would be a suitable spot for planting a tree. Another user should then be able to accept or decline the challenge. Once a user accepts a challenge, the challenge now becomes a quest and should show up in the quest page. When the user visits the quests page, they should see a list of quests they have accepted and their respective point values. To complete the quest, the user should first tap on the quest, then take a picture of their tree planted for proof of action, and finally submit to claim their points. To complete the idea of making games go green, we have a leaderboard page which keeps the competitive edge within the app.

While we looked to create and sustain a competitive edge with the app, we also looked to prioritize educating the user of tree growing and care. Within the app, we offer another page in which we provide the user with any necessary information about growing and caring for a tree. When a user visits the page, they will see a series of infocards in which they can access outside resources like wikipedias which offer information such as what trees are for beginners, types of trees, how to plant a tree, etc. While we provide essential information for beginners and tree planters, we also looked to bring some excitement by offering some other resources such as tree of the day.


How We built it

For this app, we used Flutter in Android Studio and the Google Maps API. Flutter was the ideal choice for this development as it allowed us to make polished UIs for all types of devices. The Google Maps API was, of course, used to develop the map page of our app and switch terrain formats to allow for the user to easily pin locations for planting trees. In our Info page, we also were able to structure our information on url-launchers.


Challenges We ran into

Throughout our trek, we ran into some notable issues. Our first issue was that we struggled to get a Youtube API to work. Unfortunately, we were never able to resolve the issue, so we ended up settling for url-launchers. In addition to the Youtube API, we also faced some challenges in setting up the google maps API. Unlike the Youtube API, however, we were able to resolve the issues and get the google maps page to run smoothly.


Accomplishments that we're proud of

Throughout the event, we are very proud of our diligence and teamwork which brought us the production of our app. Overall, we are most proud that we were able to get a clean ui that contained working features such as camera, url-launcher,and google maps. Out of our features, we were most impressed by the google maps as it took us the longest time to create and setup.


What I learned

Through the course of the event, while we faced many challenges and frustrations, we also faced a huge learning curve. For the most of us, we discovered that we were more capable of what we had expected going into the hackathon. While we did learn that we were more capable than we expected, we also found our own limits at our current time, as we all faced limitations within our knowledge.


What's next for Communitree

Looking forward, we hope to expand our info page. At the moment, our info page is targeted mostly toward beginners who lack the knowledge to start the journey, however, for the future, we plan to provide even more resources in which can target more experienced users. In addition to expanding our line of focus within the info page, we are also looking into adding more features that provide more interactions between users. This could include a feature that allows for users to plan large tree planting events. If the app ends up successful, we could also look to find partnerships and sponsors for our app to further expand our sphere of inluence.


Who Are We

We are a group of friends currently attending our junior year of high school. As a group and individuals, we strive to learn new material and indulge ourselves further into the world of programming.

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