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Comic-dl is a command line tool to download Comics and Manga from various Manga and Comic sites easily. Idea from youtube-dl

Don't overuse this script. Support the developers of those websites by disabling your adblock on their site. Advertisments pay for the website servers.

Table of Content

Supported Websites

You can check the list of supported websites HERE.

Dependencies Installation

This script can run on multiple Operating Systems. You need Node.js in your system's path for this script to work (You need this on each and every Operating System, even on WINDOWS :/). Download the Node.Js from Node.js official website. Doesn't matter which operating system you're on, this is a must. Follow the instructions mentioned below, according to your OS.

Linux/Debian :

Since most (if not all) Linux/Debian OS come with python pre-installed, you don't have to install python manually. Make sure you're using python >= 2.7.x though.

We need pip to install any external dependenc(ies). So, open any terminal and type in pip list and if it shows some data, then it is fine. But, if it shows error, like pip not found or something along this line, then you need to install pip. Just type this command in terminal :

sudo apt-get install python-pip

If you're on Fedora, CentOS/RHEL, openSUSE, Arch Linux, then you simply need to follow THIS TUTORIAL to install pip.

If this still doesn't work, then you'll manually need to install pip. Doing so is an easy one time job and you can follow THIS TUTORIAL to do so.

We need PhantomJS to access some websites. So, after all this, we'll install PhantomJS.

First, make sure your system is updated :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential chrpath libssl-dev libxft-dev

Grab Dependencies for PhantomJS (most important) :

sudo apt-get install libfreetype6 libfreetype6-dev
sudo apt-get install libfontconfig1 libfontconfig1-dev

Grab the suitable tar.bz2 file from this link Extract the contents of this tar.bz2 file you just downloaded. Open a terminal and follow the commands.

  • Don't forget the change the name of the file(s) mentioned here with the ones that you downloaded.There might be a newer version when you download cd /Name/of_the/directory/that/contains/the/tar_bz2/file export PHANTOM_JS="phantomjs-2.1.1-linux-x86_64" sudo tar xvjf $PHANTOM_JS.tar.bz2 Once downloaded, move Phantomjs folder to /usr/local/share/ and create a symlink: sudo mv $PHANTOM_JS /usr/local/share sudo ln -sf /usr/local/share/$PHANTOM_JS/bin/phantomjs /usr/local/bin If none of these commands gave error(s), PhantomJS should be installed in your Linux/Debian systems just fine. You can check it by entering this command in any terminal : phantomjs --version

Windows :

If you're on windows, then it is recommended to download the windows binary for this script. If you use the windows binary, you don't need to install anything, except Node.js. But, if for some weird reason you want to use Python script instead, then follow these steps :

  • Install Python > 2.7.6. Download the desired installer from here.
  • Add it in the system path (if not already added).
  • If you're using python >2.7.9, you don't need to install PIP. However, if you don't have pip installed and added in windows path, then do so by following this little tutorial.
  • Download this text file and put it in some directory/folder.
  • Open Command Prompt and browse to the directory where you downloaded your requiremenets.txt file and run this command : pip install -r requirements.txt
  • It should install the required external libraries.
  • Download PhantomJS : http://phantomjs.org/download.html

Now, install Node.Js as well and make sure it's in your path.

Well, if everything came up good without any error(s), then you're good to go!

Mac OS X :

Mac OS X users will have to fetch their version of Python and Pip.

After downloading and installing these, you need to add PIP & Python in your path. Follow THIS LITTLE GUIDE to install both, Python & pip successfully.


After installing and setting up all the dependencies in your Operating System, you're good to go and use this script. The instructions for all the OS would remain same. Download THIS REPOSITORY and put it somewhere in your system. Move over the comic_dl folder.

Windows users, it's better to not place it places where it requires administrator privileges. Good example would be C:\Windows. This goes for both, the Python script and the windows binary file (.exe).

Linux/Debian users make sure that this script is executable.just run this command, if you run into problem(s) :

chmod +x __main__.py

and then, execute with this :


Python Support

This script supports both, Python 3 and Python 2.

Windows Binary

It is recommended that windows users use this binary to save both, your head and time from installing all the dependencies.

You need to download and install Node.js and make sure it is in your Windows path (watch out for the tick box during install).

You also need to download PhantomJS and keep it in the same directory as that of this windows binary file or you need to have PhantomJS in your path. PhantomJS is required for some websites, which you can check in the list of supported sites.

If you already have it, then you can download this binary and start using the script right off the bat :

List of Arguments

Currently, the script supports these arguments :

-h, --help                             Prints the basic help menu of the script and exits.
-i,--input                             Defines the input link to the comic/manga.
-V,--version                           Prints the VERSION and exits.
-a,--about                             Prints ABOUT and USAGE of the script and exits.
-u,--username                          Indicates username for a website.
-p,--password                          Indicates password for a website.
-v,--verbose                           Enables Verbose logging.
--sorting                              Sorts the download order.(VALUES = asc, ascending,old,new,desc,descending,latest,new)
-dd,--download-directory               Specifies custom download location for the comics/manga.
-rn,--range                            Selects the range of Chapters to download (Default = All) [ Ex : --range 1-10 (This will download first 10 episodes of a series)]
--convert                              Tells the script to convert the downloaded Images to PDF or anything else. (Supported Values : pdf, cbz) (Default : No) [By default, script will not convert anything.]
--keep                                 Tells the script whether to keep the files after conversion or not. (Supported : No, False) (Default : Yes/True) [By default, images will be kept even after conversion.]
--quality                              Tells the script about the image quality you want to download. (Supported Values : low/bad/worst/mobile/cancer) [By default, images will be downloaded in Highest Quality Available. No need to provide any option.]

Note :

1.) Some websites like bato.to don't let you view some pages if you're not logged in. You'll have to create an account and pass the login information to the script via -p and -u arguments.

2.) Since omgbeaupeep is uh... well, you just need to pass the absolute chapter numbers in the range section for that. For eg : Check out Richie Rich. If you want to download first 600 episodes, you would pass : --range 001-600. Just check the URLs for those chapters and pass accordingly.

Youtube Tutorial

Check The YouTube Tutorial


With this script, you have to pass arguments in order to be able to download anything. Passing arguments in a script is pretty easy. Since the script is pretty basic, it doesn't have too many arguments. Go check the ARGUMENTS SECTION to know more about which arguments the script offers.

Follow the instructions according to your OS :


After you've saved this script in a directory/folder, you need to open command prompt and browse to that directory and then execute the script. Let's do it step by step :

  • Open the folder where you've downloaded the files of this repository.
  • Hold down the SHIFT key and while holding down the SHIFT key, RIGHT CLICK and select Open Command Prompt Here from the options that show up.
  • Now, in the command prompt, type this :

If you're using the windows binary :

comic_dl.exe -i <URL TO THE COMIC>

If you're using the Python Script :

__main__.py -i <URL TO THE COMIC>

URL can be any URL of the supported websites.


After you've saved this script in a directory/folder, you need to open command prompt and browse to that directory and then execute the script. Let's do it step by step :

  • Open a terminal, Ctrl + Alt + T is the shortcut to do so (if you didn't know).
  • Now, change the current working directory of the terminal to the one where you've downloaded this repository.
  • Now, in the Terminal, type this :

__main__.py -i <URL TO THE COMIC>

URL can be any URL of the supported websites.


This is a very basic and small sript, so at the moment it only have a few features.

  • Downloads a Single Chapter and puts in a directory with the comic name, volume and chapter.
  • Downloads all the chapters available for a series.
  • Skip if the file has already been downloaded.
  • Show human readable error(s) in most places.


You can check the changelog HERE.

Opening An Issue/Requesting A Site

If your're planning to open an issue for the script or ask for a new feature or anything that requires opening an Issue, then please do keep these things in mind.

Reporting Issues

If you're going to report an issue, then please run the script again with the "-v or --verbose" argument. It should generate a file in the same directory, with the name "Error Log.log". Copy that log file's data and post it on a Gist and share that gist's link while reporting the issue here. Make sure you EDIT OUT YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD, if supplied within the command.

If you don't include the verbose log, there are chances it'll take time to fix the issue(s) you're having. Please follow this syntax :

Command You Gave : What was the command that you used to invoke the script?

Expected Behaviour : After giving the above command, what did you expect shoud've happened?

Actual Behaviour : What actually happened?

Link To Gist : As mentioned earlier, post the error log in a gist and share that link here.

P.S : Just attaching a screenshot will NOT tell or anyone else what happened behind the scenes. So, Error Log is mandatory.

Suggesting A Feature

If you're here to make suggestions, please follow the basic syntax to post a request :

Subject : Something that briefly tells us about the feature.

Long Explanation : Describe in details what you want and how you want.

This should be enough, but it'll be great if you can add more ;)


comic.naver.com has korean characters and some OS won't handle those characters. So, instead of naming the file folder with the series name in korean, the script will download and name the folder with the comic's ID instead.


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