This year I had proposed to improve my skills with arduino, and assemble a combat robot, controlled from a command also made with arduino, and that the command be reusable for my next projects

What it does

It is a combat robot that moves in all directions, controlled from a remote control

My idea is that robotics tournaments could be organized, to promote the maker movement, and promote actions to prevent climate change and use robots to attract the little ones so that they are aware that they have to recycle and promote responsible actions in the future

As a second idea, I have also thought that you could create small, cheap, self-controlled vehicles that were equipped with several sensors, temperature, humidity, radiation, toxics, etc. that were going through the poorest or uninhabited areas and in case of detecting unusual parameters, they could notify the authorities to take measures (at the moment I only have the vehicle)

How I built it

It's basically a set of components. First of all, look online for a nice design for the robot and the remote and print them in my house, then here in the hackathon I had to check the datasets of each component to make the scheme and not make them burn, then I have welded them all together with patience.

exactly the command carries: -arduino pro mini -3.3v converter -joystick -inside battery

  • charging chip and battery control -NRF24L01 communication module -a place for a button (TODO)

and the robot carries: -a more powerful battery -3.3v converter -arduino pro mini -NRF24L01 communication module -2 motors with reduction gears -tb6612fng driver forthe motors

Challenges I ran into

-soldering everything so that it enters a very small space -learn to program the new components -learn to communicate 2.4ghz chips

-reprogram a microsumo to be a follow lines

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very happy to have finished the combat robot, especially having modified the command so that it is more to my liking

What I learned

I have learned to weld better and optimize the space for the cables

What's next for Combat robots against climate change

Repair code errors and change the motor driver, organize large battles to raise awareness about climate change!

Icon image made by Mateo of hackupc slack :)

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