Each color is a combination of just three colors - Red, Green, and Blue. Changing the value of only one of these components could completely change the resulting color. This fact amused us so much that we decided to create a simple game to play around with the RGB values. Thus was made the awesome game called Color Guess.


It is a simple game in which an RGB value is displayed. The user will be given a number of options based on the mode they are in. The hard mode will have six options whereas the easy mode will have just three. One of the options will be the right color. All the other colors are generated randomly.

How we built it:

We built this game using basic HTML, CSS, bootstrap, and javascript.

Challenges we ran into:

If the user chooses the wrong color it fades away smoothly leaving the other options. That animation part was pretty hard to achieve the smoothness.

Achievements we are proud of:

During this project, we developed team spirit and learned to manage things with perfection in a very short time.

What's next for Color Guessing Game:

As further development process user login will be added to the game. Also, the users will be able to keep track of their marks obtained.

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