After showing off previous projects on touchscreen, we loved to see people getting excited about touch-input controls and decided to pursue a mobile game! It ended up looking pretty awesome, and we're all excited to get a chance to share it!

What it does

Collier is a mobile game where players control a dog with a sword and dash between obstacles to hit enemies. Enemies are set up in patterns and pose threat to the player and their decided route.

How we built it

Collier was built exclusively in Unity 2D. We split up the work between Evans, Lyn, and myself as Backend, Frontend, and Art. We started with a technical spec and some mockups, and as the night went on we started pouring together all our work into the final project! Our first goal was to get gameplay up, as well as the base animations for the dog in, and then we spent most of the early morning hours getting the UI to work nicely.

Challenges we ran into

Despite all three of our members having UI experience, we all still found Unity's UI system to be less than ideal for our situation. We also encountered some issues with global/local particle effects. However, with some collaborative work and by trying every knob and dial til' we found what we were looking for, we were able to push through our challenges with relative ease.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We set out to make a refined game, and we're rather proud of what we were able to make! Our assets were all made during the hackathon, and we thought they looked pretty cool! The gameplay itself also feels incredibly intuitive, sporting both some challenge for the user but also the simplicity of a mobile game.

What we learned

Most of our time was spent examining the UI system and Particle System in Unity. The Player class also included some interesting methods that raised its complexity but payed off in refined gameplay.

What's next for Collier

We hope to refine Collier for app release once we finetune some of the levels!

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