The college application process is not easy. We wanted to create a way for students to plug in their qualifications and in return get some colleges that are good matches for them. This program makes it stress-free for students to choose a college that they want to attend.

What it does

The Program uses the input from the user (GPA, Awards, SAT, AP) and attributes points to the various scores.

How I built it

Using Eclipse, we wrote the code using Java.

Challenges I ran into

The challenge that we ran in to was the inability to create a graphical interphase in the time provided. We were going to create an app for this program but it would take much longer than the time provided.

Accomplishments that I'm proud

We are proud of the fact that we were able to make a program that makes it easier to choose colleges.

What I learned

We learned that patience is key. We started off with a plethora of mistakes but after going through the program slowly, we were able to fix all of our mistakes.

What's next for College Helper

We want to expand the database to have more colleges as well as add in an AI to give better results. Making an App for this program would make it much better as well.

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