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What is a coffee capsule filling machine and coffee capsule sealing machine? Have you ever thinking about how the capsule was made When you use a coffee capsule from Nespresso, Lavazza, dolce gusto, or other brands of coffee pods t brew a single-serve coffee? Yes, they are made with a coffee capsule filling and sealing machine. The production process of coffee capsule production contains two steps:

Step1: filling process In this step, you will need a manual coffee capsule filling machine or a small coffee capsule filler tool to finish the process. All capsule production begins with filling coffee powder into empty capsules! And of course, if you choose a fully automatic coffee pod manufacturing machine, you only need one auto-machine to finish the two steps of the process. But the auto-machine also need to work through the two process step by step.

Step2:sealing the capsules with foil lids. After filling the coffee powder into empty capsules, we will need the machine to seal the capsules with lids. usually, the lids are made of aluminum, so we need a high temperature to finish the heat seal process. you also have 2 options to finish the sealing process: a manual coffee capsule sealing machine and a fully automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine. Let’s see how the manual machine and the auto-machine works in the below videos

Maybe you have a question now, where I can get the machine and empty capsule materials? If you are interested in starting a coffee capsule business, please contact us, and we will offer a one-stop solution for coffee pod production!

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