I want to make code discussion possible without leaving slack.

What it does

There are 4 commands inside

/codetalk [github file url] - start the codetalk discussion on that file (required to be run first)

/showline [linenumber, can be in range] - show the snippet from the current file at the specified line

/refer [github file url] [linenumber] - show the snippet from the specified file at the specified line

/find [keyword] - find the lines that contain the keyword

How I built it

I built a simple Node.js REST API server and set up several POST endpoints for slack integration to call.

Challenges I ran into

Packaging the integration to publish as an app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My first Node.js experience, My first slack integration

What I learned


What's next for CodeTalk

Complete other little details

Built With

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