This is the first time we ever got an opportunity to participate in a hackathon! When we talk about entrepreneurship, it is our core subject in our college and we have always been keen to work on MVP and create our own prototypes. We thought for our first hackathon what could be a better challenge than Sustainability. Our daily lifestyle impacts earth in a way we cannot imagine! We contribute to Carbon Footprint each day which has a destructive impact on our planet and to find a solution to this was our choice!

What It Does

CO2 Step helps you to calculate your carbon footprint and suggests habits in the form of weekly challenges to make you carbon positive. It tracks your progress and estimates how soon you'll offset your carbon footprint. It allows you to interact with your friends via posting pictures, tweets, liking, and commenting.

Why We Built It

We brainstormed on ideas to reduce the carbon emission on our planet and we realized if each person commits to reduce their carbon footprint within 2 years the total carbon emissions would reduce by 30%.

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