Inspiration for Co:Ping

Being a Person at CoronaV Risk, it became a challenge to distance from ppl 2 meters, especial if the other person does not respect it. I came up with this idea remembering the u-boat sonar "pings": helping the capaint to overcome unknown obstacls in a certain distance. "translated" there must be a tool, with some fun, costfriendly and easy appliable, to make sure that ppl respect distance in this virulent times.

What it does : with the idea of nudging it helps ppl to physical distance by keepin social solidarity

How I built it

it is a "twice:device" concisting of an app and a braclets. both Independent and for different target groups

Challenges I ran into

my team mates fell out due to familiar urgent matters technical obstacles which are not (yet) my field of competence

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

a solution :-)

What I learned

I need to learn to code etc ;-)

What's next for Co:Ping physical distance social solidarity

get in contact with focused local business partners and authorities

the pdf presentation has been sent

Built With

  • and
  • app
  • braclet
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