The “Cloudburo Publishing Bot” is centered around two optimised content producing workflows - mainly driven out of the Evernote One Workplace solution - which allows you to start establishing your online content presence and to reach out and engage with your community.

The two workflows will allow you to easily assemble the right content marketing mix within Evernote.

Be it self-created, curated or news-like content (found for example via Feedly), the process is straightforward and doesn’t distract you from reading, collecting and writing content in Evernote. The handover to the bot is done by simply moving the note in a dedicated notebook.

Needless to say, the generated website site content is built with mobile in mind and offers a clean, nicely formatted and SEO-optimized reader experience on any device.

The content is produced by Middleman a modern static HTML5 website generator, which results in fast response times and will not result in any vendor lock-in for you. The static pages can be grabbed at any time and moved over to another solution. Bring your own Domain for the site? For sure !

The first release also includes a first glimpse of our Slack Bot Message App integration, more to come in this area soon.

Test and challenge our bot for a free trial month, we require just your email and a valid Evernote Account. Check out the offering and subscribe via

If you need a bit of inspiration, you can see what other (beta) users are doing, check it out here.

And as of January 2017 we support premium themes based on {wrap}bootstrap themes. For example, check out a trip site made with our new "Emma" theme

It’s just the beginning of the Cloudburo Bot journey.

Check out our professional themes:

Full documentation side (managed by the Publishing Bot) can be found here.

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